More than 1 in 7, that is 15% of US adults or 37 million people, are estimated to have chronic kidney disease (CKD).

That’s close to the amount of casualties in World War I.

9 in 10 adults with CKD don’t know they have CKD.

About 2 in 5 adults with severe CKD don’t know they have CKD.

What is CKD anyways?

CKD means your kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood the way they should. The disease is called “chronic” because the damage to your kidneys happens slowly over a long period of time. …


I’m sure you’ve heard of this term.

If not, I think it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock. Neurons have been the talk of the town — especially with optogenetics being a super hot field right now.

Neurons are the fundamental units of the brain and the nervous system. They’re responsible for carrying information throughout the human body. Neurons use both electrical and chemical signals to help coordinate the necessary functions of life.

Okay — neurons sound pretty dope. But what’s this whole thing about neural networks?

I’m glad you asked 😉

Machine Learning — Surface-level explanation

In order for us…

💥 SHOUTOUT: I used this tutorial from Computer Science to help make this model. It was so helpful and I definitely recommend checking the video out and showing some ❤️ to their channel!!

Currently, there is a 1 in 8 chance that an American woman will develop breast cancer. That’s about a 13% chance.

About 1 in 39 women die from breast cancer.

Where does detection play a role in this?

Inflammatory breast cancer can be difficult to diagnose. Often, there is no lump that can be felt during a physical exam or seen in a screening mammogram. In addition…

Every day, I send a few people these short documents called “daily updates” that include my tasks for the day, a habit tracker, things I’m grateful for, and a short reflection 📄

The intention behind this is to have other people hold me accountable for what I need to do each day, which provides an external sense of motivation to get my stuff done, because other people are holding me accountable for them.

At the end of the day, I usually look at other people’s updates and find that many people (including myself) have the same reply when I ask…

I just had a realization.

And I think it would be dope to share it to the world.

So here I am 😉

The other day, I was doing what I love to do at school.

I was observing other people.

On this particular day, I was observing these two girls in my IB Bio class. Both of them were best friends (or so everyone thought) and they spent a lot of time together.

They were also known for having 98% averages, highly looked upon by teachers, competitive in school, and started non-profits.

You know, the ideal 17-year old.


You go to the coffee shop. You order at the counter, grab your latté, and go to work.

You’re at work. You’re sitting at your desk, minding your own business, maybe answering some emails. You have a productive day at work and go home.

You’re on the TTC. You go on your phone, texting some friends, and you get to Kennedy Station. It’s time to get out.

A full day just went by.

What were you intentional about? What was your purpose for this day?

The word intention gets thrown around a lot, but what does it really mean?

Simple. It’s having an objective or intent (haha 😉 ) that you are constantly reminded…

Stem cells have huge potential.

I’m 99.87% sure you probably already knew that.

But, did you know that we can also engineer stem cells?

I really hope you didn’t, but even if you do, keep reading. 😉

Before we dive into the juicy stuff, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page.

PQPMWAT (Potential Questions People Might Want Answers To )

Yes, I made that abbreviation up. 😉

Q: I know what stem cells are, but what are stem cell lines?

A: Stem cell lines are a group of stem cells that are cultured in vitro. They can be used for several different purposes and in different fields.

Last summer, I spent my summer vacation with my family in Sri Lanka.

A couple of my mom’s friends live there, so we went out for high tea with them (apparently it’s a thing there).

When we were about to leave, my mom utters the words, “Congratulations,” very quietly to one of her friends. As we were on our way home, I asked my mom what happened. Why did she say congratulations to that lady?

Turns out, this lady had found a husband, who gave a humungous dowry, for her 17-year old daughter.

I was furious.

I remember going back…

Take yourself back to elementary school, or even highschool. Just remember a time when you had report cards.

To give context, there’s a part of your report card where you get graded for your learning skills. The grading system lies on a scale from “Needs Improvement — Excellent”. Satisfactory is the level that’s right after Needs Improvement.

If your life had to be rated on that scale, what would you rate it?

Let’s think about that.

Looking back at my life, I haven’t really done anything legit. …

You’re reading a story. You get to the climax. Katniss is about to risk her whole life for Peeta in District 12.

You’re sitting on your couch. You pray and pray that she comes to her senses and just stays in her hut surviving with the food she already has.

You turn to the next page.

She dies.

Your whole world just ended. You wish you could have created your own ending to the story.

Fortunately, this incident happened in an alternate universe made up by a director that probably deleted this ending thousands and thousands of times to make…

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